Craftmanship for three generations

time is movement in space


According to this slogan our famlily business always felt bound. For three generations, we maintain the real watchmaking craftsmanship and are proud of it.

We draw our motivation from the fascination of mechanical timekeeping, something we wish to share with our customers, too.

When the lid of a pocket watch frees for the first time the view on a filigree mechanism, wheels are released when the rotor is an automatic chronograph purrs gently on the wrist, then are those moments that give a sense of stability and durability within our current time controlled by bits and bytes.

In 1921, watchmaker and goldsmith master Karl Utz founded the company in Untergriesbach. It was taken over and extended by father since 1961. I have been in charge since 1995.

I achived my master craftman’s diploma in 1990 in Würzburg. Since then I have been specializing in repairing and restorating of high-quality wrist watches, pocket watches and clocks of all types.

Your mechanical chronographs are best served in my hands!