My Workshop

tradition and modern technics fertilise in my workshop.

Craftmanship for three generations

Old pieces of machinery go along with modern measuring instruments and form successful symbiosis. So I have the possibility repairing complicatest watches like split-second chronographs, repetition watches and watches with perpetual calendars in a truly professional way. I am able to manufacture many parts which are no more supported by the traditional companies. Balance staffs and and winding stems are made with old precision machinery, wheels are mill-cut.

Watches being handed in for overhauling will be completely disassembled, all parts are examined for damage and, if necessary, repaired or renewed. After reassembling the clockworks, they are recalibrated by hand in use of oils of various viscosity, adjusted in different situations and, where appropriate and watertightness is tested. Cases and metal bands are polished and cleaned.

As you can see: Being a watchmaker for me has nothing in common with selling cheap short-living plastic parts.

I am a craftsman and I intend to remain so.

Watches deserving this name are complicated, mechanical devices and they are in the need of regular servicing.

Even todays synthetic oils will slowly deteriorate and become detrimental for overhaul with a period of five years in order to secure a long and accurate life.

Watertight watches should be checked every year as the tiny seals gradually degree.

All these activities do not mean boredom or cause trouble, but being an important aspect of my job, which for me is a profession.

Something you can rely on!